Care for Employees

CNOOC Limited regards employees as the most precious resource and asset. Adhering to our people-oriented development concept, the Company complies with employment related labor law and regulations, and constantly perfects the labor system so as to create an environment for staff growth and career development. At the same time, the Company cares for employees' physical and mental health, protects employees' rights and interests, and endeavors to build a safe production environment for employees, benefitting everyone with a shared growth.

Employment Policies

CNOOC Limited insists on employment in accordance with laws and regulations, treats all staff equally within an inclusive corporate culture, and safeguards all rights and benefits that staff should enjoy in every aspect of their work and life.

Legal Employment

CNOOC Limited respects the basic human rights which all employees are entitled to, strictly abides by applicable domestic and international laws and regulations, and has constantly improved its internal employment management system. In China, we act in strict compliance with international conventions ratified by the Chinese Government, such as the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination in Employment and Occupation, and local laws and regulations such as the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China, etc. We have established our own employment and labor contract management system to guarantee all employees' rights and interests in compliance. For overseas operation, the Company acts in compliance with relevant laws and regulations and international conventions which the Chinese government supports. We have established an overseas employee management system, and respect the legitimate rights of all employees.

Employee Rights and Interests

CNOOC Limited strives to provide employees with competitive remuneration packages in the industry and have established a salary growth mechanism. We are also gradually establishing a distribution mechanism that matches the market mechanism. Our salary distribution implements multi-level incentives, rewarding technical experts and front-line workers, and correlates with the quality of employees’ work and the value of their contribution, so as to match employee income with the growth of the Company, and enables employees to share in our business achievements.

We provide comprehensive and effective employee benefits, which consists of social insurances and a variety of supplementary insurance schemes. Aside from the five basic social insurances namely pension, healthcare, employment injury, unemployment and maternity, we also provide employees with personal accident insurance, critical illness insurance, commercial supplementary medical insurance, and supplementary medical insurance for employees' children under the age of 18. Besides, we provide employees with enterprise annuity and housing subsidies.

CNOOC Limited has improved its training system to grow together with employees. We motivate employees to realize their self-worth through our employee development system and the creation of development opportunities.

Talent Strategy

We believe strongly in enterprise development by fostering employee talent, which we consider to be the most valuable resource of CNOOC Limited. We focus on cultivating high-level talent that aligns with our industrial planning. We are deepening reforms in our talent development system and mechanism, and implementing a talent policy that can inspire vitality and highlight value.

Career Development

CNOOC Limited continues to focus on career development by making career path for skilled workers and technicians more accessible. We selected the Group’s first batch of 3 senior technical experts, focusing on three specialties: exploration, drilling and completion, and offshore engineering. With morality, ability, performance and potential as the focus, the Company also carried out the selection of the fourth batch of senior technical expert for the Group. We also added the job of chief technician to back up technical experts in affiliated units, further strengthening the construction of high-level technical and skilled talents.

Employee Training 

CNOOC Limited has established a multi-level training system for employees, and continuously empowers employees as needed.

A talent diversified development strategy was implemented within the Company. In 2019, guided by the Key Training Plan, we continued to decompose and implement the 13th Five-Year Talent Development Plan, and put the focus of training on key specialities and critical roles. During the year, the Company organized leaders and outstanding experts in various ranks, functions and businesses to participate in key training programs, including the “young talent cultivation camp” “drilling and completion expert training course” “equipment and facilities digital training course” and “advanced information technology training course”, which helped the Company's business development while cultivating talents.

Cultivating International Experts

In 2019, based on the international talent demands, CNOOC Limited formulated training and exchange programs in various forms to improve the business and management capabilities of expatriate employees and overseas support teams. The Company applied training methods such as overseas rotation, short-term technical exchanges, overseas training, and on-the-job training at international energy companies to comprehensively improve the working skills of overseas and domestic staff. Meanwhile, we continued to track and evaluate overseas human resources management to promptly meet the human resources demands of overseas business, and effectively manage overseas local employees.

CNOOC Limited is a people-oriented company that believes in mutual development with staff through practical action. We provide paid annual leave and family visit leave for staff and encourage them to take vacations for better work-life balance. For migrant staff, we offer lump-sum settlement subsidies and comprehensive subsidies along with temporary shelter to help them in their everyday lives. For front-line staff, we provide cooling devices in hot seasons and organize video chats with families during holidays and festivals. We also provide female employees nursing new children with baby care rooms so that they can nurse safely and comfortably.

In early 2020, facing the COVID-19 outbreak, the Company adheres to the people-oriented principle and puts the safety and health of employees as top priority. The epidemic prevention and control team of the Group will arrange the overall prevention work and care for employees with sincerest concerns. Firstly, more work on the publicity and training of knowledge on epidemic prevention shall be done, aiming to raise employees’ awareness for self-protection. Secondly, the epidemic control at offices and operating sites shall be enhanced and relevant control measures shall be specified to comprehensively improve epidemic prevention. Thirdly, due to traffic control and other problems, employees who are temporarily stranded shall be properly arranged to work at home. Meanwhile, for those who are returning to work, assistance shall be provided in time. Fourthly, humanistic care and support shall be promptly provided for employees together with their relatives who have practical difficulties in making a life due to the quarantine or epidemic.

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